Photography   Rik Pennington

Photography Rik Pennington


Charley was like having your mum, sister and best friend imbued with endless patience rolled into one! She understood fully our vision and helped us to realise our dream. As we are Norwegian and live in Norway we were totally dependent on her to be in charge, and we couldn’t have done it without her!

As our couple were based in Norway, we worked with them to help plan their London destination wedding. 

The ceremony took place at St Olav's, the Norwegian Church in London which was a meaningful ceremony full of song and love. The guests enjoyed a laid back reception in a garden marquee, and we learnt that a Nordic celebration is a seriously fun affair! A long dinner with more speeches than we've ever encountered, there was dancing to a live pop band and a congo in and around the venue! 

Our stylish couple wanted a splash of colour so the flowers and decor had bursts of brightness for this summer's wedding day. 

Photography | Rik Pennington